Pirates in Greenwich: Part Deux

stables for the horses. 

carriage(s) for the horses

GR  stands for George Rex (King).  Queen Elizabeth has ER for an insignia.

portion of set surrounded by blue screens

adding fake dirt roads

adding columns and pillars


Props next to the huge set

So here are some more pictures of the Pirates 4 set here in Greenwich.  They seem to be getting close to filming cause all the blue screens are up, the building seems finished and the props have arrived .  I'd actually like them to just get on with the filming and finish so Greenwich can get back to normal though.  Sure its kind of fun having them here and its PIRATES and Johnny D. which is exciting, but they've made the place James and I try to go and relax a lot noisier for a couple of weeks now.    C'est la vie.  They'll be gone in October which is just round the corner.  In the meantime, I'll take pictures if I can just for fun and for memories for myself.  If filming is starting soon though..access to the Old Royal Naval College will be pretty limited.  So come back and check here often for the possibility of more pictures.  I just cant guarantee how many more I'll be able to post at this point now sorry.

*A quick word about my pictures I've taken of the Pirates set in Greenwich recently.  I've noticed  many of the pictures have been popping up on Johnny D. fan sites and on the Internet.  While most have credited me and linked back to my pictures and is fine, some haven't and this isn't cool.  Please make sure that if you do use my pictures that each shot has my name and link back to this site.  If you want to use them commercially then contact me to license them.  I hate being grumpy about this but this is just my policy that has been posted on my site for a long time.  Thanks...Christine xoxox

**UPDATE 27/9/10.  Here's more pictures I've done:

Pirates in Greenwich
Pirates in Greenwich:  Final Chapter


Anonymous said...

The amazing thing about the pictures in Greenwich of Pirates 4 is even up close the props look so real and life like. (James, because for the life of me I can't remember my google account number and log in)

Charles said...
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Sydney Shop Girl said...

Amazing photos of the set, Christine.

Can't wait to see how it all takes shape.

SSG xxx

christine said...
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Jude said...

I agree, amazing photos! Thanks so much for sharing the excitement :) {Also, I'm sorry to hear of the completely uncredited use of your images! That would bother me too.)

sherrie said...

i bet it's fun to look around the set

christine said...

It is fun, I've been finding the props area the most interesting. Was in Greenwich yesterday and saw fake swords, real food including candy and everything you would find in a market. Although the noise has been annoying, I still go and look! It will be fun to see this section in the movie. They do so much work for only like 15 minutes of a piece of film its crazy!

Deidre said...

When I saw the title of this post in the blogher ads links I said outloud to my boy friend "ooh, where are there pirates" and he was all 'um, in the Caribbean...duh' And I poo-poohed that because obviously some couldn't be talking about THOSE pirates...AND YOU WERE! :)

Love the shots.