Halloween: London Style

1, 2 - The Addams Family comes to London
3- Skeletons in Greenwich
4- Anyone for Beef?
5- Gingerbread Skeletons
6- Hot Mulled Blood Sold Here
7- James and the Jack-O-Lantern with English teeth

Happy Halloween everyone!

This holiday is s---loooowly starting to get more and more popular in this country.  I'm seeing trick-or-treaters, shops decorated, people buying pumpkins for carving and generally trying to get into the spirit.  I miss the US enthusiasm for the day although I wish there were more healthier options for kids for treats.  James and I had a party for two last night---healthy nachos (organic corn chips, reduced fat organic cheese, salsa, green salad, pinto beans) and some healthy soft drinks (root beer without the HFCS--sparkling water, sweetened w/apple juice from Whole Foods) and watched The Ghost and Mr Chicken and The Changeling.  Great Fun.  Today we shall see if anyone shows up, but we are armed with healthy dark chocolate should trick-or-treaters come!

I'd love to hear how you celebrate the holiday.  Do you watch scary movies, have a party or go round your neighborhoods in search of sugary loot?  Do tell.

Hope you all have had a great weekend.



Tracy D. said...

Haha, those are so great!

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