Morning Yoga in the City

Pictures taken after yoga

I was up at 5 a.m., out the door by 6:30 so I could try to get to a 7:30 yoga class this morning in the city. Had to run practically the entire length of Regent Street to get there in time cause of transport problems which happens all the time in London. The class was smaller than most which was nice. It was a different format than I was used to with my regular vinyasa flow class but change is good.  By the end of the class the teacher was calling me by my first name and getting me to do things that I usually secretly try to avoid during yoga class: headstands, handstands, etc. I hate them because they freak me out because they are completely out of my comfort zone.  Changing your center of balance/grounding from your feet to your hands can be disconcerting.  Of course never raise your hand when the teacher asks if you haven't done many handstands. She brought me up for extra help with a few others. She showed us a different version of a handstand that worked the core muscles.  Funny I was able to do the alteration without any problems which surprised me. Later on we explored headstands and she came over and I told her I wasn't ready for what she was showing me. She said if I could do the handstand alteration from earlier, I could do this alteration physically.  She said it was about trusting yourself first in your head and heart and then the physical would be there.

I've been thinking about what she said all day and how much this translates to everything else.  Fix the inner self and your external life gets better (albeit sometimes not on your time scale).  It can be hard though especially when you've had the spirit whipped out of you...but always coming back to nourishing spirit first seems to get me back on track. 

I love how yoga teaches you life lessons like this all before 8 in the morning.


Drew said...

Great post and beautiful pictures!

I too hesitate to move into head/hand stands. They freak me out a little in the yoga situation which is hilarious because I did gymnastics for most of my life!

Sounds like a great teacher!

Jude said...

Gorgeous moments-in-time vignette -and how I admire anyone who can get up that early for a full yoga session *before* another full workday!

Tracy D. said...

Lovely post.