Pirates in Greenwich: Bonus scene

I honestly didn't think I would get another shot of the Pirates set before they left and since my last post on the subject but I took this Thursday of last week.  Loads of other people were taking pictures in between filming and I figured why not.  Its not the best picture because its so far away but you still get the gist of everything.   

Last Wednesday after an interview I went to Greenwich to walk around and do some errands.  I went to watch filming cause I was bored stiff sitting at home and decided to walk near the far end just to be different.  Well next thing I know two blacked out silver Mercedes Benz were behind me and I had to get out of the way.  You couldn't see anything, but I did see the outline of people in the cars wearing some pretty big hats.

Well later in the same week I heard reports of Johnny Depp visiting a school nearby in person to answer a young girls letter (HOW SWEET!).  They reported two blacked out cars showed up at the end of the school day on Wednesday.  What do you bet that it was Johnny and co. on their way to the school?  I don't know but I'm pretty certain it was.  Very cool to be so close although I am sure I have seen other glimpses of him these last few weeks in filming.  The security has said its a stunt double when people have asked....but I don't know...I've seen the same scenes show up on news reports on the Internet.   I think the chances of it being Johnny were high at least for some of it and security were just fudging the truth. 

I'm actually kind of sad that they are packing up and leaving now and are done filming.  I know I've mentioned otherwise in earlier posts but it has been quite fascinating watching them film and wondering if/if it wasn't Johnny I saw whenever a character dressed as Captain Jack strolled by.  Its brought a bit of excitement to a pretty dull town and this gal's life for a little while at least.

P.S.  Like I've mentioned in other 'Pirate' posts, please give credit back to this site for any photos used.


Jude said...

How exciting - it seemed to go by so quickly! (I guess the film industry is truly fast-moving.) Thanks for sharing these (behind the scenes) peeks with us :)

Kara Elmore said...

SEE??????? This is what I'm talking about. The simplicity of your composition - absolutely gorgeous! MAGAZINE!!!

Austin said...

have you been to new zealand??

christine said...

I've never been Austin.....I've always wanted to go!