Gift Guide for the Brit Lover

1.  Peter Pan
2 . Emma by Jane Austen
3.  Keep Calm and Carry on 
4. iPhone case
5. Banksy print
6.  Union jack cushion
7. Sea Salt and Lavender soap
8. Emma Bridgewater mini tea set
9. English chutney by toast
10. London tube stops in black
11. Beatles wall decor

I don't think I've ever done a British themed gift guide on here.  I did this the other day on my etsy treasury (my camera lover list got picked for their front page recently) and had so much fun I thought I'd do it here too.  Some of the same stuff made it over from my etsy list, some of its new.  No worries, I'm not turning into a style blog.  I guess its just to bring a bit of change round these parts.  I think I'm entitled to a one off themed gift guide right?  I think its listed somewhere in the 'Big guide to being an expat' when you arrive in the crowded immigrant boat from across the pond.  (just kidding)

Anyway, my mind has been on themed gifts cause apparently the William and Kate engagement is spawning all sorts of Royal memorabilia now.  Why is it that they always have to be so ugly?  I find it interesting how much of it ends up in bric-a-brac shops or on e-bay.  I was just at Greenwich antique market today and low and behold themed china with the royals heads all over them were available for purchase clear back to George V.  Crazy, I tell ya.  That said,  I may just have to buy something and hide it in the cupboards anyway.  Its not very often you get to be in a country for a royal wedding for the future King of England.

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