Kitty Comfort

photo by Hilda Grahnat

I saw this photograph this morning on Hilda Grahnat's blog (LOOOOOVE HER PHOTOS) and it really reminded me of our neighborhood kitty.  Round 4/5 years ago, a little cat, that looks an awful lot like this one (although black and white), kept popping out of the bushes, meowing like crazy.  We'd stop and pet her...rub her belly until it looked like her eyes were rolling back in her head with pure bliss.  5 years on she's been just as much of a comfort to us as we have to her.  She recognizes us and comes running from long distances.    We found out her name once, she used to be owned by a Russian immigrant and named her in Russian of course... we can't pronounce it or remember it so we just call her 'Kitty'.  The funny thing is some of the hardest days I've had she's popped out from nowhere.  Crazy how messages of comfort are sent in the oddest of places and now this photo popping up too reminding me of so many wonderful, comforting memories.  I really needed this this week.  Thank You Universe.

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