My current kit and wish list

ok, I don't actually own a DSLR but I've started saving in my piggy bank for one (Yes a real piggy bank....its purple with polka dots).  If you're curious this is what I do currently own:

canon powershot G9


Polaroid one600 classic

and I occasionally use James' Nikon SLR film camera (can't remember the make and I'm too lazy to get up and check)

One day I hope to add to this:

Canon 5D Mark II


Polaroid SX-70

Hasselblad 500c


a Diana Mini Toy Camera.

These cameras produce such amazing shots....One day I tell ya....one day. 


Elizabeth C said...

Those are great cameras. Looks like you have had fun researching. Canon rocks.

Lori Ann said...

You take great photographs with the camera you have, but I love that you have a purple with polka dots piggy bank to save for the ones you want!