Random facts about the Royal Family

OK, I've been living a hideously boring mundane existence this last week and there's nothing to write about or pictures to post.  Instead I thought I'd impart a few bits of useless information about the Royal Family you probably never knew before.  I think its timely information given Prince William and Kate's recent engagement don't you think (very exciting stuff)?  I've gathered these from the Internet and listed a few I've heard since living here too:

- It costs each UK taxpayer less than a £1 each to support the monarchy
- Apparently on Christmas Day the Royal Family plays games after Christmas lunch.  I hear the queen plays a mean game of scrabble and pictionary
- The Royal Family open their Christmas presents on Christmas eve after tea and cakes
- The queen earned a gold record from EMI for selling over 100K of the CD 'Party at the Palace'
- When the queen was a little girl she played the part of Prince Florizel in the pantomime Cinderella
- William enjoys blues and jazz
- The queen owns the largest pink diamond in the world
- She used to be a girl guide (like a girl scout) and a sea ranger
- William is not allowed to fly in an airplane with his father.
- William has had a tea named after him and his head on a stamp.
- Charles cant paint with water-colour very well!
- He supports organic farming and set up Duchy originals (which do amazing mince pies round Christmas time might I add)
-The queen sent her first e-mail in 1976
- Prince Charles is a published children's author:  The Old Man of Lochnagar was published in 1980
- Williams godfather is the King of Greece
-The queen is fluent in French
- On his 21st birthday the Queen and Phillip gave Charles a car:  an Aston Martin
- When he was younger Charles went as an exchange student to Australia
-Williams full name is:  Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales.  His family name is Windsor.
-William is left-handed
-Prince Harry volunteered at an orphanage in Africa in his gap year after finishing high school
-The queen has sent about 38k Christmas cards during her reign
- Prince Harry is a distant relative to Vlad the Impaler who Bram Stoker once wrote about in a little book called, 'Dracula'


1- Prince William Trivia
2- Royal.gov.uk
3- A British Royal Christmas
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5- Prince Harry:  People


Jude said...

Heehee, how I love these facts. (Hoping it will become handy in a future game of Trivial Pursuit or the like :)). I'm bookmarking to share with my S.O., I'm sure he'd enjoy - thank you for sharing!

Drew said...

Fascinating! I love the royal families and kind of wish I lived in a country that still had that tradition. Can't wait for the royal wedding!