Roid Week

Its Polaroid Week.  I have no idea who started it, but its all over blog-land and there's even a Flickr group for it.  Here are my contributions, all with Impossible project silver shade film and my 600 camera.  I converted the last picture from sepia (like the others) to black and white cause I thought it made it pop better.

In other news, I've been working very very hard to try to get serious about getting my etsy shop up and running again.  I am keen to try to get my financial independence because the job front is going much slower than I want and I can't just sit round waiting for a job to come anymore.  I can't believe how many doubts flow through your head especially cause I tried it once before and flopped.  But, I'm 'having another go' as the Brits say.  Here is a link, tell me what you think.  I've got a few more prints to add in the next couple weeks but if you've noticed an awesome photo of mine on my blog that isn't in my shop that you think should be, let me know in the comments section.

Hope you have a happy weekend.  Its bonfire night tomorrow...so lots of fireworks!!

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