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According to Random.org.....the winning number is TWO:  DAWN

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Thanks to those who entered.  I wish I could have given something to everyone.

Happy Holidays



For your holiday entertainment

Besides announcing the winner of the $25 giveaway on Christmas Day this will be my last post till the New Year.    I'm taking a much needed break and trying to create  a bit of 'space' for myself this holiday season.  

Thank you to those that have supported me this year...sent words of encouragement, shared your stories.  I absolutely adore hearing from you.  I hope to see you back here next year on this blog. 

In the meantime, I've been searching blog land and the Internet to find some inspirational goodness for you this holiday.  Feel free to peruse these links.  The pictures above have been recent finds via flickr, my blog reads and etsy.  As you know, I always love a good photograph.


My aha moment of the week
Thinking of making this for New Years
Joining this site changed me
Four years of my photos smooshed into 3 minutes
Two of THEE most inspirational blogs here and here
Ways to make a difference
A childhood tradition round the holidays
Why can't shows like this be on now?
Recent books of inspiration here and here
Sale here on Boxing Day
Vintage Christmas Music is the best.
Sing along with Steve

May you all have a wonderful holiday season and nothing but blessings come to you in the New Year.
Love to you



For you this Christmas

I know sometimes I complain a lot about my life on here.  Whilst its not easy sometimes dealing with long-term unemployment abroad and living with an alcoholic, I'm very very very blessed compared to most.  I've never gone hungry, I've got my health, I've got a place to sleep and despite being far from rich (by some standards)...we've always been able to get what we need in the end somehow miraculously. James has his dream job at the House of Commons.  I've got friends and family.  What more do I need...really?  That's a hell of a lot to be grateful for. 

I know there's people seriously struggling out there right now and it makes it worse being the holiday season.  I know this may not get to someone in time to buy presents for Christmas Day but I would hope that it might make someone's end of year a little bit brighter.

Soooooo, after some serious inspiration from the Blogess and the loveliness of having foreign exchange rates.....I'd like to give ONE of you a $25 Amazon gift card.    I wish I could give more....I really really do.

Please leave a comment below (you don't need to share details of why this would help).   I will select one winner before I go to bed Christmas Eve (UK time).  I will e-mail the gift-card first thing Christmas Day.    It may be helpful if you left your e-mail addresses below also so that its easier to contact you.  If you feel uncomfortable putting that sort of details below, send me your e-mail address this way.  

Lots of Love to you this holiday season...




Favorite Images of 2010

1. nourish: Nature, 2. Alone, 3. Morning Commute, 4. My niece, 5. Brasserie, 6. Spices and Jars, 7. IMG_3989, 8. Niece, 9. Greenwich Park, 10. After the Rain, 11. Silk and Lanterns, 12. Tunnel Vision Florescent, 13. Winter Fruit, 14. Rose Windows

I can't believe how much my photography has grown in the space of a year.  Looking back over the images I have taken, my artistic eye has improved so much.  I credit it to how many online classes I did to try to get my head off of the overwhelming life stuff I dealt with the last 12 months.  The unravelling classes in particular were amazing places to start finding my own voice again and heal through writing and photography.    In the new year I've decided to create some space and my last class for a little while will be with Irene Nam for the month of Jan.  I've also decided to embark on the 365 project with Madeline Bea which is a photo a day for a year but on your own time scale.  I'm hoping that I'll see even more improvements as yet another year passes.

Trying to get better from a very nasty case of the flu.  Today is my 35th birthday and all plans for this weekend went out the window and all I've been able to do is rest.  It just means belated celebrations later on I guess. 

Sending you all love



Strange English Food

When I was in the states just recently I had questions regarding the weird food that Brits have had in their culinary traditions.  Please be aware some of the names are rather rude:

Black Pudding
Steak and Kidney Pie
Pork Pie
Digestive Biscuits
Pigs trotters
Toad in the Hole
Spotted Dick
Ox Tongue
Bangers and Mash
Ploughman's Lunch
Bubble and Squeak
Welsh Rarebit
Hob Nob
Jellied eels
Pickled scotch eggs
Pork Scratchings
Tatties and Neeps    (3rd paragraph down)
Fitless Cock
Wet Nelly
Singing Hinnies
Cullen Skink
Inky Pinky
Knickerbocker Glory
Girdle Sponges  (fried sponge cakes)
Priddy Oggies
Eton Mess
Hog's Pudding
Love in Disguise
Scotch woodcock

If you click on the links...you'll see that most of them aren't disgusting....they are normal dishes with just have incredibly weird names.  I know that British food gets a bad reputation but there are some of the world's best restaurants in this country.  I wonder if these Michelin restaurants serve things like spotted dick though?  Makes you wonder. 


On other news....have a serious case of the flu at the moment...so no new pictures as I've been hiding out in my pajama's the last few days.  Hoping it doesn't interfere with my marathon training even more than this crazy December has.  Would love suggestions for getting better quick.   With marathon training and my birthday this weekend...I don't particularly want to be home-bound. 

Hope you are all well



postcards from the Countryside

After a whirlwind 9/10 days I'm finally home for good.  We got back yesterday from the 'shire' or what the Brits refer to the Midlands.  Lots of warm fires, miniature mince pies, running and spending time with James' side of the family.  These are just a few of my favorite photos from the last 4 days.

Hope you are well.



These are the faces

These are the faces I saw these last few days.  Most were extended family coming together to celebrate the life of my gran.  A couple were people I hadn't seen in years that I spent an afternoon or evening with.  One thing is certain is that they all made a very very difficult trip a little bit more bearable.  I'm now off again tomorrow to see James' family in the countryside.  Fresh air, quiet and the chance to catch up again with my thoughts after such a whirlwind few days.

Can't wait.

I promise I will get back to regular posting when I return next week but in the mean time I'd like to leave you with this picture:

The view from my window (where I was staying)


Dorothy Jolley
30 June, 1925 - 1 December 2010

I will miss you dearly Gran.  

 UPDATE 3/12/10
**  I will be back on this blog late next week.  Flying to  the US tomorrow and will have limited internet access.  ********