Favorite Images of 2010

1. nourish: Nature, 2. Alone, 3. Morning Commute, 4. My niece, 5. Brasserie, 6. Spices and Jars, 7. IMG_3989, 8. Niece, 9. Greenwich Park, 10. After the Rain, 11. Silk and Lanterns, 12. Tunnel Vision Florescent, 13. Winter Fruit, 14. Rose Windows

I can't believe how much my photography has grown in the space of a year.  Looking back over the images I have taken, my artistic eye has improved so much.  I credit it to how many online classes I did to try to get my head off of the overwhelming life stuff I dealt with the last 12 months.  The unravelling classes in particular were amazing places to start finding my own voice again and heal through writing and photography.    In the new year I've decided to create some space and my last class for a little while will be with Irene Nam for the month of Jan.  I've also decided to embark on the 365 project with Madeline Bea which is a photo a day for a year but on your own time scale.  I'm hoping that I'll see even more improvements as yet another year passes.

Trying to get better from a very nasty case of the flu.  Today is my 35th birthday and all plans for this weekend went out the window and all I've been able to do is rest.  It just means belated celebrations later on I guess. 

Sending you all love



Nicole MacDonald said...

Feel better soon! Not a fun time to have the flu. Your pictures are beautiful, I'm not sure which is my favourite although my eye is drawn back to your niece again and again - what a cutie :) Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you can heal quickly!