For you this Christmas

I know sometimes I complain a lot about my life on here.  Whilst its not easy sometimes dealing with long-term unemployment abroad and living with an alcoholic, I'm very very very blessed compared to most.  I've never gone hungry, I've got my health, I've got a place to sleep and despite being far from rich (by some standards)...we've always been able to get what we need in the end somehow miraculously. James has his dream job at the House of Commons.  I've got friends and family.  What more do I need...really?  That's a hell of a lot to be grateful for. 

I know there's people seriously struggling out there right now and it makes it worse being the holiday season.  I know this may not get to someone in time to buy presents for Christmas Day but I would hope that it might make someone's end of year a little bit brighter.

Soooooo, after some serious inspiration from the Blogess and the loveliness of having foreign exchange rates.....I'd like to give ONE of you a $25 Amazon gift card.    I wish I could give more....I really really do.

Please leave a comment below (you don't need to share details of why this would help).   I will select one winner before I go to bed Christmas Eve (UK time).  I will e-mail the gift-card first thing Christmas Day.    It may be helpful if you left your e-mail addresses below also so that its easier to contact you.  If you feel uncomfortable putting that sort of details below, send me your e-mail address this way.  

Lots of Love to you this holiday season...




Amber said...

I would love to be entered for this chance, the gift card would change our new year a little at a time!

Thank you for the selfless act of trying to help others!

Mom to 7 said...

I am a mom of 7 and my husband is out of work at the moment (waiting for almost 2 months for a police record check so he can start). We've had to use our mortgage money to buy presents. I was looking for any help possible. I really hate to ask for help, but I realized I need to just suck it up and ask for help when I need it, and then when I am in a better situation I can return the favour!
Hope I'm not bugging. Merry Christmas :)


Melody said...

That's such a lovely thing you're doing. Have a very merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Cool idea, christine! Think I 'll do a similar give on 29 gifts in January.

You rock!

(Just leaving my 'thumbs up'; not entering the giveaway.)

Anonymous said...

Pick me, pick me!!! I love your photos sooo much. Happy Holidays!!