Gray Days

The skies are soooooo gray today.  In fact I would say if you could just pick one color to describe London 6 months out of the year....it would be GRAY.  It adds such a moodiness  and romance to London but you definitely have to know where to look for the beauty otherwise it can get depressing.  I'm not surprised Londoners seem so grumpy during winter. 

The pictures above are a new type of film I've never used before (Kodak Tri-X 400) and I think it captures the London Gray really well. Well to be honest only the top and bottom pics are London--the rest are from our trip to the countryside last month.  But obviously the rest of England would be gray 6 months of the year too and not just this little world I live in in London.

Off to the cinema soon....finally get to see the 'Kings Speech'.  I think it will be great especially for James to see as he also suffers from stuttering due to his dyslexia.  He had a really tough week with job rejections that he feels like are a result of the first impressions his speech can give.  Seeing what even the former King of England overcame with what seemed like huge obstacles may be just the medicine he needs.

Love to you



Kara Elmore said...

You've heard before you know a fantastic photo when you wish you were the one who shot it!!! Thats how I feel about all your film work. :)

Kristina said...

Wow, the results of the new film are great!! Love the light and the feeling they give!
Viele Gruesse, Kristina

littlescribe said...

I really love the grain and grey tones in these images - wow! (seen on Shutter Sisters)

Felicity said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! These photos are great! I really love #2, it looks so surreal. Have you ever heard of the filmmaker Maya Deren? It reminds me of her.

See ya around. : )

gogovivi said...

Beautiful B&Ws. Thanks for the inspiration!