Lazy Weekend

Nothing seemed to go according to plans this weekend.  Our long training 13m run didn't happen cause of an injury from Sat, movie plans to see 'The Kings Speech' were gone when we got to our local picturehouse to find tickets for like the whole weekend practically were sold out.  Cleaning the house just didn't materialize either as energy levels just went out the window.  So, I caught up on sleep...wandered round Greenwich and Canary Wharf after errands, read, got out Breakfast at Tiffany's again, left the piles of dishes/laundry and just did practically nothing....all weekend.


Galit said...

Arrived here from the Etsy forums and felt in love with your photography blog!!

P.S. Your weekend sounds lovely! I love it when the weekend passes slowly and lazily!

Lori Ann said...

Sometimes nothing weekends are nice! Hope your next one goes more according to plan though and that the injury (yours?) isn't too bad. That first picture makes me want to go shopping!