Its 2 am and above me I've got screaming parents telling a screaming child to lie down and below me I've got a chap who just started his chanting for his 5x a day prayers.  No surprise I can't seem to sleep and decided to just get up.  (Ah the joys of living in a flat)  I've lit some incense and fittingly the birds have decided to say hello now and add to the party whilst I try to waste some time on the computer.

At nighttime in London all you can hear outside most of the time is birds.  I know that they are there during the day cause like I've posted before on this blog during the volcano flight cancellations London was filled with nothing but the sound of birds.

Birds leads me to trees.  Like I said yesterday I've been REALLY drawn to trees recently.  I've started noticing how in the winter the shape of them turns into almost like an abstract painting.  I love the lines, the occasional dots...the complete unique-ness of each and everyone.

So...I took these yesterday on my photo walk in Greenwich.  I feel pretty lucky to have Greenwich Park in such a chaotic city like London that is so chock full of trees and 4 seasons to look at them differently every time.

Now if only these trees could just convince the birds to sing me a lullaby tonight?

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Walk in the Woods said...

Beautiful images of - what I call - our rooted ancestors! They are regal and grounding and full of more love than most folks pause to notice. The birds notice though, don't they? :)

May a leafy lullaby, filled with birdsong find you soon,