Soho, China Town and Trafalgar Square: at night

I took these on Friday evening when I had to pop into the city to go to Whole Foods.  London completely changes at night as most cities do.  The temperature was so mild I rather enjoyed wandering and taking pictures.

I'd love to see your city at night.  If you have nighttime pictures you'd like to share, please leave your link in the comments.


SisterBatik said...

Great photography!

We are Londoners - it is such a sprawling city, you can forget to look around sometimes - so thank you for sharing these : )


Felicity said...

I have some night photos here

I posted a lot in Aug '10 if you have spare time to scroll down and browse. I can't wait 'til it warms up and I can stay out all night taking pictures!

I love your pics! I love seeing the energy and trying to feel the environment of different cities. I like the cinema verite style, it's so engaging! : )

Lori Ann said...

Table Dancing! Love that one! I love to escape to your blog.

Kat Sloma said...

I love, love, love the world at night. You are right, cities totally change. Here's a post on my learning about nigh photography: http://www.kateyeview.com/2010/09/exploring-with-camera-night-photography.html

Thanks for the invite to share.

PS - loved your "prince charming inside" image in the previous post.

chandlerguera said...

These are great -- the neon makes the city look so alive and breathing. Your other scenic photos (i.e., buildings, empty streets) are also gorgeous but in a way that you catch the images while they're sleeping.

christine said...

Thanks for all the comments!!