Thursday inspiration

I'm feeling the need to share a bit of inspiration at the moment.  I've stumbled on quite a few new blogs that have pictures and words that really speak to me.  126 blogs are on my feed currently and every single one brightens my day.  I am so grateful for the internet and how the world doesn't seem so big anymore.  The pictures above are from some new blogs, some are old favorites.  Be sure to check them out and send them the love that they so deserve.  I love seeing other people's art.....it reminds me of what I can be capable of with my own.

Here they are:

1st picture:  Michael Morgan
2nd picture:  Elle at Diana Mini Love
3rd, 4th and 5th picture:  David and Sarah
6th picture:  Hilda Grahnat
7th:  Josh Goleman


SisterBatik said...

Thank you for sharing this - we were feeling in need of inspiration!

Great blog!


CremeMagnolia said...

Thank you for sharing your pics Christine ~ you're on my follow feed which I check everyday.

Jamie said...

What some fantastic finds! The picture of the spices is amazing.

Kat Sloma said...

I know, blogs are amazing! I could spend all day wandering around. But then I would get nothing done!

Kerri said...

great inspirations! i just love the internet for this reason!!!