Friday Inspiration + etc.

“And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us.”  
~Pablo Neruda

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Brian Ferry

I'm doing this post at like 2 a.m. as my stomach is playing hopscotch.  Its been an emotional week which kinda culminated in a 'angry' run last night where James and I ran as fast as we could both shouting out things we were currently pissed off about.  I'd highly recommend it as a great stress reliever and great training for running races.  We knocked off almost 5 minutes our usual time.

In other news....I'm meeting up with a cousin today and showing them round the city.  Hopefully will get some pictures for you.  Besides my 365 project (sorry I've been so bad sharing here....check my flickr in the sidebar).....I haven't really been inspired to take many pictures the last fortnight.

So....again I post inspiration from others which is what usually sustains me when my creativity dwindles.  The above posts are photos that have stuck out in my mind recently.

I've also got a few things for you.  In my side-bar....you'll notice a 'Free Download' section.  I've put a couple pictures that you can download and print for your personal use (no altering or commercial use pretty please).  I'll be adding to it when the mood takes me.  I'm working on a free PDF for this section too....my guide to London.  I can't tell you how many people want an insiders guide to visiting this city.  So watch that space for some goodness being sent your way.
Also, there's a link in the same section entitled 'Reader Blogroll'.  If you click on the page and add your blog via the ever famous 'Linky tools'.....I will keep the page up so others can find you too.  I shall often try to peruse your blogs on this page and if I find some pictures that inspire me..they may turn up in my weekly 'inspiration' posts (proper accreditation/links of course).

Finally.....I'm slowly working on trying to interview people who inspire me.  No ones answering my calls as of yet (except one)...but I'll work on it.

Here's to a fantastic weekend.



Felicity said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks for hosting the linky. I added mine.
Have a nice weekend! : )

Best, Felicity

chandlerguera said...

Good morning from Arizona! Well, you can't go wrong with posting a picture of Paul Newman and a quote by Pablo Neruda. I particularly like the first picture of the couple by the fountain. It's so dreamy.

On another note, my trips to foreign countries like England and Germany have been very memorable when meeting up with friends or family (especially to get an insider's view of the city), so have a blast with your cousin's visit.