Marathon on the Brain

16 days, 19 hrs, 7 minutes and 12 seconds.

That's how long it is (when I last looked) till the London Marathon and I run 26.2 miles.

I guess I was hoping I'd feel more ready than I do or feel fitter or something by this point.  The fact is I feel the same I did 9 months ago when I started training but running a mile or two doesn't kill me the way it used to. 

I was hoping also that I would have lost a few pounds by now.  The whole reason why I wanted to do the marathon was to lose weight.  Hasn't happened....weirdest thing on the planet.  Think its because of stress or something.  I even mentioned to the doctor on a recent visit this problem and she said that sure sounded unusual.

Marathon's are not something that I do which explains the serious butterflies.  I'm the girl who never got picked for teams in gym class.  This marathon is one of thee major sporting events in the world and I'm in it.   I guess its starting to hit me.  I'm doing a M-A-RA-TH-ON. 

Have the post race massage booked, the carb replacement granola bars picked out and know what outfit I'll be wearing.  The only thing left is cutting down the exercise gradually and not doing anything stupid to myself before race day. 

I would really love to do some good in the process and raise money for charity.  I'm donating all proceeds from my shop to my charity till the 1st April.  If you just want to donate without getting a print...even small amounts DO help.

Hope you are all well.


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