Spring Flowers

I've been feeling a overwhelmed and burnt out recently with everything.    The last two days I've completely ignored the huge pile of dishes in the kitchen and the bathroom that has seen better days, the endless job applications and just grabbed my digital camera and an old film SLR and just went outside looking at spring and started taking pictures.

I love these small opportunities to reconnect to something much more grand than myself and the photography that helps me communicate what I see.

Would love to view your images of spring.  Please share a link in the comment section.



Jamie said...

These are gorgeous shots! I still have snow on the ground, so no spring flowers for me yet, but soon, I hope.

dulci said...

beautiful! can't wait for spring!


Kat Sloma said...

Sometimes a walk with the camera is just what the doctor ordered. I had my own incident of the blahs this weekend, sounds like I'm not alone.

chandlerguera said...

First rose of Spring in Chandler, Arizona:
Let me know if you can't view it.