Tourist Weekend

1- Buckingham Palace gates, 2/3- Birds in St. James' Park, 4- Westminster Abbey, 5/6- Inside the House of Parliament, 
7-9- Greenwich

So this weekend, we spent playing tourists in town.  My cousin and his wife came to visit (sorry no pics of them) and as you can see we hit some of the main tourist spots like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.  James gave them a tour of the Houses of Parliament.  I got some pictures this time of the areas where you could take photos.  We were lucky to get to see inside the House of Commons and the House of Lords.  The House of Commons looked exactly like it does on the 'tele', the House of Lords is gorgeous and very very posh.  Its where the queens seat is where she gives her opening of parliament speech.  It was an incredibly tiring day on Friday, but we ended it with a great Asian meal at Wagamama's which was a great end to the day.  On Saturday, we were very lazy most of the day and met up with my cousin later and showed them bits of Greenwich.  It was nice for them to see something outside of the city centre.  Life is very different outside central London in this country.

Sunday....James was ill so I went all by myself for the long run.  I ran for 5 hrs 20 and thought that that was about 20 miles....come to find out after we mapped it online...it was 20.7!  So I'm further along in my run than I thought.  Next week is our final long run, we are adding an extra mile and a half which means that we'll only have 4 or 5 miles of 'unknown' on the marathon.  We're where we should be for mileage although speed wise, I'm pretty slow.  I'm trying to focus on my accomplishment and not worry if I don't finish in an uber fast time.

So...now its your turn, tell me about your weekend!! 


Jamie said...

I love those days when you get to play tourist at home - its like you see your own city in an entirely new light.

Michelle said...

what a fun weekend! the pics are beautiful. loved that i recognized a couple of the places. AWESOME job on your running.

we went out to dinner and to a concert this weekend (lowerlights.com) with friends. my back went out on saturday, so i spent the day folding laundry and watching "sleepless in seattle" and "emma". nothing too eventful :)

chandlerguera said...

Your tourist pics are wonderful.

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I featured your postcards!