Best and Worst Moments of the London Marathon

  • Seeing 9 months of training go completely out the window with the weather on the day.
  • Because of the heat/humidity I hit the 'wall' at mile 13 (I ran till then) instead of mile 20.  Had to walk most of the rest of the way just to the finish.
  • An incredibly disappointing finish time.  They were starting to clean up....out of 35K runners I was in the last hundred or so.  If the conditions had been better, I would have finished in 6 hrs.  I finished around 7 hrs. 
  • Seeing people being taken away via ambulance after collapsing.
  • Having to stop 4 times at First Aid tents because I felt like I was having an asthma attack cause of the heat (I don't have asthma), severe muscle cramping and blisters the size of Texas.
  • Being passed by people dressed as a bus, a 90 yr old 'Robin Hood' and a man carrying an entire washing machine on his back.
  • Almost dropping out (nearly called it in at least 3 times....if it wasn't James saying no you can't stop I wouldn't have finished)
  • Having to walk to the train station afterward.
  • Being asked the day after what time we did it in.   I know time doesn't matter but its hard to know we didn't do better. 
  • The pain....every muscle in my body feels like its been hit by a bus.  I've never seen bigger blisters before in my life.  Can't seem to get rid of thirst as well despite drinking non stop. 

  • The crowds.  I was so inspired by the kindness of the crowds.  James and I both put our names on our shirts and to hear your name being called when you were in floods of tears is indescribable.  It especially meant a lot when we were towards the end.  A lot of the crowds had left but there were some groups still there cheering.  Little children giving you sweets.  It meant a lot.
  • The atmosphere.  London was like one big street party.  Bands, pub parties, dj's, it was amazing. 
  • Seeing burn victims, people with no legs, people in wheelchairs, a blind man and 75-90 year olds running.  It was incredibly inspiring and a real testament to the human spirit.
  • Crossing 'thee' London Bridge at the 1/2 way mark.  One of the most incredible experiences of my life.
  • Turning the corner at St James' Park next to Buckingham Palace and seeing the finish line.  I couldn't stop crying.
  • Knowing I raised money for charity. (P.S.  There's still time to donate)
  • Finishing and feeling very proud of myself for sticking through despite the time, when so many were dropping out or being carted away to the hospital.
  • The full body massage at a spa the day afterward and an incredible lunch out where I ate like a football player and didn't have to feel guilty.
  • Getting this:

P.S.  There will be more pics coming in the next week or so as we get them back.  Plus....James and I have decided that today begins our journey to the NYC marathon.  I know I can get a better time and not sure if I want to do London again.  Hoping Nov 2012 or 2013.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime....I've got blisters and sore muscles to nurse.  :)


jo said...

Huge congratulations Christine. This is a remarkable achievement regardless of times.


Jamie said...

Congratulations - what an amazing accomplishment. You should be incredibly proud.

brienna said...



eyeshoot said...

Very well done, my running limit is 6km, so even an 8 hour marathon would be totally impressive to me!

(Here via Etsy UK Photo Team)

chandlerguera said...

Wow! You did it! I loved how you described the best and worst about the marathon. You experienced something that most people will never, ever do -- puts you in a bit of an elite category, I think. Well done!

Fiona said...

Congratulations! I wish I could be at something like that.


Mary C. Nasser said...


Your post is so inspiring...that you can still see the positive! And SO MANY positive things!!

Mary C. Nasser