My life lately besides running of course.  Not much time left till the big day.


Keep James in your prayers.  His current job at Parliament ends on 30 April.


Kat Sloma said...

Lovely flowers. My favorites are the tulips and magnolias. I am sending you lots of positive energy for James job and your marathon. You are amazing to do this!

Jamie said...

What a gorgeous collection of photos.

sherrie said...

i'm curious what all those people are doing sitting against that wall. i like that picture. these are all great.

Felicity said...

As always, I really enjoy your pics! My favorites are #1, #4, #6 and #7. #6 is really fantastic!!

christine said...

Sherrie.....the people sitting against the wall are in Trafalgar Square (in Central London) which is a very popular place to watch the world go by. The benches are a tad below street level and I thought it was an interesting picture with the lines of the concrete and with the bearded man.

I had just gone to some photography exhibitions that happened to focus on street photography. I thought I would try my hand at it too. ;)