Marathon survival Kit

They say it takes a village....but on Sunday its going to take all this to get me through 26.2 miles.    Dextrose tablets, fruit snacks, deep heat (for before and after), pure beetroot juice shots (nasty but incredibly helpful), soluble pain tablets to put in our water bottles that will also have re hydration salts in them, a granola bar with spirulina in it and a disposable camera (no way in heck I'll take my compact and have it dropped).

Not pictured is:  our water bottles (strapped to our back), Vaseline to help chafing (uhhumm*) and a banana.  I know that the marathon provides water and snacks too.....but believe me we'll be using everything they give us and then some.

We picked up our marathon numbers last night and it made things oh soooo very real.  I think I'm in disbelief a bit that yes I am doing this.  The jitters and butterflies and the feeling like a fat girl are starting to go away.  I'm just ready to conquer this damn thing now.

I'm signing off here till next week.  Being present and mentally there is something I'm going to be working on the next few days.  Some gentle yoga, walking in nature, getting rid of 'internet' distractions will help me.  I'm going to do everything I can to enjoy the day.  This is an incredible gift of a life-changing experience.  I want to embrace every minute.

I've managed to raise $825 for my chosen charity 'Room to Read' with sponsorship for this race.  This will send 3 girls to school for an entire year.   I would love to see if I could get to an even $1k which would fund the publication and distribution of 1k children's books if you could believe.  That's a lot of good sent in the world.  I know its a tough time financially for many people right now...but even $5-10 would really help

If you can't sponsor me, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers this Sunday.  I shall be back next week with pictures and stories from the day.



Jamie said...

Good luck! I can't wait to hear about your amazing experience.

Kat Sloma said...

I hope everything went well! Can't wait to hear.

Angela Hemming said...

Good luck in the marathon! I ran the Honolulu Marathon and lived to tell the tale. There's a reason why they give you a medal! Be very tender with yourself afterwards ...