The Royal Wedding: In pictures

princesses in waiting (and escorts of course)

the queen on her way to the ceremony

Pearly Kings and Queens

a tired princess

the queen

Prince Charles/Camilla + the Middletons
the after party

My apologies for the lack of posting....after the marathon I have been kind of dead to the world and only the last few days have felt 100%.

Anyway...other big things to worry about.....a certain wedding happened today.  Not sure if you heard much in the news but William and Kate got married this morning.

We got up early and after an English breakfast headed out.  By 7:30 when we arrived at the mall, it was already completely packed.  We couldn't get very close to palace at all (people were camping out for days), so we pushed through and managed to get a decent view near the bottom next to Waterloo Place.

The atmosphere was absolutely incredible.  In 10 yrs of living in this country....never seen anything like it.  It was wonderful to see all the flags waving, the little girls dressed up as princesses, people dressed in their Sunday best and wedding hats some even dressed in wedding gowns.

It was very hard to stand for so long, even harder to take pictures because of the crowds, etc (James took his film camera, took two rolls of shots and we had an unfortunate incident at the 1hr developers...who completely destroyed the film--thank goodness we had a backup with my digital camera) but it was SOOOOOO worth it.  We saw the queen, Kate and William to and from the ceremony, the horse guards, the bands, the royals, the carriages, the dress, everything.  It was incredible and an experience I'll remember the rest of my life.

Afterwards we slowly made way through the street parties to the Shakespeare Pub near the Thames where we had an English lunch....James.... a toad in the hole and myself...fish and chips.  We then made our way back home to Greenwich where remnants of the street parties were still going on.

Speaking of parties, the palace is still alive and kicking as I write this.  England really needed today.  I'm so glad that I am able to say that I WAS HERE to be a part of it. 

Off to have tea (snacks, etc) in a bit.  To make things even more amazing its a 4 day weekend here.   What an amazing way to start the weekend.

Hoping you are all well.




Felicity said...

You got a chance to record and be part of history- that's so awesome!! And your photos are so much more "real" than the ones the news networks took. It feels like we're actually there. : )

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love your photos! I also felt like I was there in the crowd, and love the candid shots of those who were there with you--They are so much more personal than what we've been seeing on the news! THANKS for sharing your day with us!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Rachel J said...

O wow--I want to go to the Sherlock Holmes! PS I love your pictures.

sherrie said...

very cool. i watched it on tv when i got up this morning. i bet it was a great experience to be a part of, something you'll always remember and be able to tell people about. wish i was there! i love your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures! How lucky you had a chance to be there in person. We were up very early here to watch it while my Brit husband watched back home at a more reasonable time of day. I had booked my flight to the US before the engagement was announced and missed being there for it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Angela said...

That is really neat that you had the chance to be a part of history, in the making! :)

carol said...

thank you for sharing your photos.

we sat in our lounge room in Australia wishing we were there

it must have been magic being there.


Andja said...

awesome pics.
Watched it on Tv but you were actually there!
Lucky :)

chandlerguera said...

Excellent pictures you shared with us! The people watching wasn't covered on American TV nearly enough, so thanks for showing us a lot of those behind-the-scenes shots.

So many books, so little time said...

Fabulous pictures!


Elaine Ray said...

Wow Christine how cool you got to be there for this worldwide historical event.:)

Debbie Ealer said...

Love the photos,my fav is the car driving by but the focus on the flag,that one is so awesome

christine said...

Glad you all liked the pictures!

Debbie...funny enough that picture was by accident. I just kept shooting and it ended up getting out of focus like that.

Jenny said...

Hi, I'm Italian!
I saw the Royal wedding and... was very FANTASTIC.
You are very beautiful but... the prince becomes bald more and more! ahahaha

We wish so much happiness the most famous newly-weds of the world ;)

P.s Sorry for my elementary English!

Julien said...

A part of Kate's dress is lace and comes from Caudry in France !
Thanks a lot !