The lavender is finally out in bloom.  Saw this on the way to Blackheath yesterday on our way to treat ourselves to breakfast out.  I adore lavender (purple is my favorite color) and if I had a big garden, I'd have a huge section just to grow these.


Thanks Oprah

As the Oprah show comes to and end in a few days, I really wanted to write something here to honor her.  I know some people for some reason can't stand her (why??  what has she done so wrong?) but let me tell you a little story.

I've always been a huge fan of Oprah but when I moved here It took me a while to actually find what channel she was on.  It happened to be when things started to get 'extra' difficult in my life about 5ish years ago.

Then I lost my FT job back in 2007,  struggled profusely with finding employment.  I found an internship in 2009 but on both sides of this....I had huge bouts of no work despite working my behind off to find something.  I struggled with quite serious depression, my partner James lost his job as well for 6 months and struggled greatly with finding work too, I was hit with health problems...chronic pain and female issues...saw countless doctors for countless tests...had multiple times in the emergency room and hospital for weird abdominal pains.  James fell off the deep end and started drinking heavily (slightly better but still an alcoholic) and started not being kind at times (both verbally and physically).  Being home and worried about money (travel costs)...and struggling to make friends...I have spent a lot of time alone and feeling very very lonely. 

Well, in the worst times I'd turn on a bit of daytime TV and Oprah at 2 o'clock.  So many times there would be days where I seriously wasn't sure about carrying on and there would happen to be an episode that would give me the courage to keep going for another day.  Even the O magazine, would happen to have coincidental articles with topics that I was finding particularly hard that month.  I remember an episode where Oprah looked into the camera and she said, "I know that there are those of you that are really hurting right now out there", Please know that things are going to get better and you'll be OK."  It felt like the universe consistently was sending me little messages through the show.   I went to Miraval Arizona in 2009 for a healing trip because of Oprah which was one of the most incredible experiences of my life...I also started reading more because of the show which also changed my life too in a huge way.  I can't tell you what it feels like when you are at such a low point in your life and everyday there's these messages of hope and someone telling you everything is going to be OK.  I know that if we look there's little messages of love from the universe everywhere, but for me....it was through Oprah.

I hope one day to tell Oprah thank you in person.  I did make a video that got published on Oprah.com that you can watch if you'd like and I doubt Oprah will ever see but you never know.  Yes, I got emotional but It was out of such incredible gratitude that the emotions  came.  Yes, I know she's a 'brand' but that energy wouldn't be anything without her as a person.  I am so grateful for her show and what its done for not just me but so many women and individuals.  The Oprah show saved me in so many ways....I will always hold the show and Oprah very close to my heart.

I wish her blessings and joy in future.  She is irreplaceable and I hope that from her example we can all serve each other and love each other more.  Everything is so much better with love in our lives.

Thank You Oprah.



Weird London

I finally managed to get developed some Diana camera shots.  Its such trial and error that camera.  I seem to be double exposing OFTEN and I'm going to have to work on this.  However, even with the double exposure, some of the fuzziness....sometimes the effect is kind of weird, surrealist but oddly wonderful.

Really really busy at the moment.  I'm hoping to do some trade shows for Scentsy in June...plus I've started music adjudication which I'm hoping will allow me to get a Fuji instax mini as much deserved treat.  Etsy seems to be picking up as well.  Very glad things seem to be getting at least a little better for me.  Hoping this is the sign of good things to come.

How is everyone doing?  Let me know what you've been up to.




I've been so busy with other things....I feel like my creative bucket is completely dry.  I feel at home when I'm taking pictures and since the marathon, starting Scentsy (to try to pay for my pictures LOL), etc. etc...my 365 day project completely fell apart.  I must start this again because it forced me to snap when I didn't feel like it and it really pushed me as an artist.

Because I haven't been snapping, I haven't been posting as much here.  I know I could write something but haven't had time to do that either.  So these pics are kind of a collection of out takes...ones I took for my 365 day project (including some you haven't seen from the royal wedding), that I haven't managed to find a place for.  I've been feeling a bit guilty I've been ignoring you so here you go.



Making things happen for myself

The job thing just isn't biting despite sending in applications for as long as I can remember.  I occasionally sell a photograph here and there which I adore but I've decided I really want to step up with trying to make things happen for myself.  It doesn't mean I'm giving up my art or my music or the creative things that are my passion...but I'm hoping that this will make it MORE possible.

I was approached by an old school friend a few months back who said Scentsy was coming to the U.K.  When I was in Utah over Christmas for my gran's funeral, I got to smell Scentsy at a friends house and was impressed when I heard how well some people did financially.  So, when my friend mentioned about it coming here....I was intrigued.

I know there's no guarantee's in life especially but I want to at least try.  I'm still doing everything else I do...the pictures...the music...the writing...the job applications...but hopefully this may help things to become possible finally.  I'm tired of waiting around and I want to finally live my life.

So, I've signed up to be one of the first U.K. Scentsy independent consultants here.  If you know of anyone (besides me) who lives in the U.K. or Germany who may want Scentsy products or to join Scentsy for some extra cash for themselves....send them to me (www.ldnwicklesscandles.com).  I'm doing a launch party as well that any Londoners who want to come can come (RSVP please):