Making things happen for myself

The job thing just isn't biting despite sending in applications for as long as I can remember.  I occasionally sell a photograph here and there which I adore but I've decided I really want to step up with trying to make things happen for myself.  It doesn't mean I'm giving up my art or my music or the creative things that are my passion...but I'm hoping that this will make it MORE possible.

I was approached by an old school friend a few months back who said Scentsy was coming to the U.K.  When I was in Utah over Christmas for my gran's funeral, I got to smell Scentsy at a friends house and was impressed when I heard how well some people did financially.  So, when my friend mentioned about it coming here....I was intrigued.

I know there's no guarantee's in life especially but I want to at least try.  I'm still doing everything else I do...the pictures...the music...the writing...the job applications...but hopefully this may help things to become possible finally.  I'm tired of waiting around and I want to finally live my life.

So, I've signed up to be one of the first U.K. Scentsy independent consultants here.  If you know of anyone (besides me) who lives in the U.K. or Germany who may want Scentsy products or to join Scentsy for some extra cash for themselves....send them to me (www.ldnwicklesscandles.com).  I'm doing a launch party as well that any Londoners who want to come can come (RSVP please):


sherrie said...

good luck with your new business!

Anonymous said...

You can do it. After CWU I too started selling makeup believe it or not. It was a great experience. I hope you have alot of fun doing this.:)Shalom, Elaine

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Best of luck with your new venture, Christine! Exciting times.

SSG xxx

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Malissa said...

Good luck! It always feels good to take a step forward in making something happen for yourself!