I've been so busy with other things....I feel like my creative bucket is completely dry.  I feel at home when I'm taking pictures and since the marathon, starting Scentsy (to try to pay for my pictures LOL), etc. etc...my 365 day project completely fell apart.  I must start this again because it forced me to snap when I didn't feel like it and it really pushed me as an artist.

Because I haven't been snapping, I haven't been posting as much here.  I know I could write something but haven't had time to do that either.  So these pics are kind of a collection of out takes...ones I took for my 365 day project (including some you haven't seen from the royal wedding), that I haven't managed to find a place for.  I've been feeling a bit guilty I've been ignoring you so here you go.



Rachel J said...

That first picture with the huge cooking platters--is that curry? It looks incredible! I wish I was there right now to smell it.

Jamie said...

A great collection - I think that spark is close at hand.

Michelle said...


christine said...

Rachel its paella. You see them doing paella on the street all the time in London. :)

christine said...

Blogger had problems the other day and has deleted your comment Michelle!

It also deleted the answer to your question Rachel....its paella!

You see this paella stands all the time in London.