Weird London

I finally managed to get developed some Diana camera shots.  Its such trial and error that camera.  I seem to be double exposing OFTEN and I'm going to have to work on this.  However, even with the double exposure, some of the fuzziness....sometimes the effect is kind of weird, surrealist but oddly wonderful.

Really really busy at the moment.  I'm hoping to do some trade shows for Scentsy in June...plus I've started music adjudication which I'm hoping will allow me to get a Fuji instax mini as much deserved treat.  Etsy seems to be picking up as well.  Very glad things seem to be getting at least a little better for me.  Hoping this is the sign of good things to come.

How is everyone doing?  Let me know what you've been up to.



Felicity said...

The black and white ones are so spooky. And I love the white and green one of the train, it reminds me of the Shining. You know how Stanley Kubrick (or so I heard) used camera tricks to make the movie weirder? It's like that. It feels weird, but in a cool, mysterious, "tell me more" way.

christine said...

You know I must watch the Shining. James tells me its one of those that I HAVE to watch...I've just never gotten round to it.