20 July

James surprised me with a Fuji Instax Mini before our much needed vacation to France at the beginning of August.  This was really a great spirit boost as I've been having a really hard time recently.  I really love this little camera already and took it on a test drive today.  This will be fantastic for Paris when we go don't you think?



a collection of randomness from recent weeks.


Shows, Shows and more Shows

So this is why you've barely heard from me.  I've been immersed in Scentsy and its completely consuming my life currently.  My photography has taken a back seat and I even got chewed out on etsy for not keeping up on my 'team' treasuries. 

Last week I did 3 shows and my gosh, I never knew something could be so much work in my life.  I don't have a car either (you don't need one in London) and so everything you see I've dragged around via a suitcase.  I think I'll be losing weight dragging these things round.  On Sunday I had pity taken on me by some very kind people who saw that I was trying to drag a massive amount of gear up and down 3 flights of stairs at a train station.

Things have been very slow unfortunately though with sales.  I think people aren't quite sure what to think of Scentsy yet because its so new here.  The tester pots you see, I've been asked if they are lip gloss.  I even had a three year old try to eat one.

Its been very tough to not get disillusioned with things.  I've never understood why God has made me trying to earn money for myself since I arrived in London so freaking hard.  I'm struggling with depression and I'm exhausted a lot of the time because of so much stress.  I need this to work, period.
My list of options for myself is down to my last 3 ideas.....1) Sell scentsy 2) Write a book  3) Leave England.   I can't afford a camera to take pics of people yet and I can't afford to go back to school.

We've got a very very busy month of July coming up with shows and then the first weekend in August its Paris.  I know Paris sounds expensive and exotic....but we've done all the touristy stuff....all we do when we go is sit in parks and wander and eat good food.  Paris is like going to Seattle for the weekend....its Europe's cheap destination getaway.

Although its been hard, I am seeing signs that this will actually work.  I got a deal with an exclusive spa here in London to have Scentsy there.....each show I've also had at least one sale which is positive.  It seems to be getting better.

Anyway, I'm not trying to moan about my life just share the truth of what I'm feeling/what my reality is now.  Hope you are all well.