Paris 2

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Did a lot of wandering the streets in Paris.  Lots of shops closed for August holidays.  The french get like 6 weeks of it ya know.  Love the way the light hits the buildings in this city.  Every time of day offers some sort of incredible beauty.

There was pockets of showers on and off the entire weekend followed by lots of sun.  Strange weather but both contrasts felt wonderful.

We started mornings with fresh baguettes and croissants...wandered through the city till late afternoon and rested at the hotel till dinner.  Not a single museum stop this time but the opportunity to slow down in this city was embraced with enthusiasm. 

Paris seems so natural and easy for me.  I have often wondered if in another life I lived in Paris or if my feelings about the city are just a reflection of the beauty of the place.  Who knows, but I do know that Paris will always have my heart.

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