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I have taken quite a few pictures in Paris this time round, so will be sharing these with you slowly.

Had a great time, far too short though.  It was our first break in forever and feel like just as I started to wind down it was time to leave.

When we were in Paris it was also a tad disconcerting to hear about all the riots back home in London.  We live right next to where some trouble has been.  We were unsure about whether we'd be able to come home and so we were glad we brought the ipad with us to keep track of the news.  We did manage to  get home safe and sound but last night we bolted the extra locks on our doors and it was eerily quiet and the smell of smoke and the sounds of sirens went late into the early hrs.

Trying to keep calm about things as I'm sure in a couple of days it will get better.  In the mean time trying to get back in the swing of the every day again after a glorious but short holiday.


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sherrie said...

these are beautiful christine. thanks for sharing. looking forward to seeing some more! glad you enjoyed your get away. sounds nice.