Photo session with Kjrsten Madsen

James and I got our picture taken this summer by the fantastic photographer Kjrsten Madsen who just moved here to London from Portland.  We've never had our pics taken professionally and it can be initially quite daunting having someone with a black box in your face and hard to not be a little self conscious.  But Kjrsten was lovely and made the process so easy and relaxing.  The light was fantastic and we showed her around our favorite spots in Greenwich.  Very pleased with the results....these aren't all of them but just a few of our favorites.

Think we will do this again with Kjrsten once a year or for special occasions.  I think everyone deserves non Sears, non Walmart shots once in their life.  We got these done to mark 10 yrs of being together and 10 yrs of me being in London.  Don't want to wait another 10 yrs for pics this beautiful again.  ;)



My apologies for not posting very much...been really swamped and haven't felt much like taking pics.  Scentsy has been really busy and so has etsy suprisingly. 

The coolest thing about Scentsy is the fact I'm seeing bit of London I've never been to.  I don't have many pics to share today but these are a few pics of Dulwich where I did a pamper evening.

Hoping you are all well