More Leeds and then a bit of London

(notice the Christmas trees at Big Ben and the National Gallery?)

These were all taken with the Fuji Instax Mini.  My word I love that camera.  The colors are to die for and it makes everything look like a watercolor.

I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed since Leeds with emotions.  Feeling really lost and its been a real blessing to be able to turn to photography to find the words when regular talking seems to fail sometimes.

Can't believe that its nearly December.  I really don't know where this year has gone or what next year will bring.


Leeds Castle Festive Fair

Spent the weekend at Leeds Castle and their Festive Fair doing a Scentsy stall.  We got to stay at their Bed and Breakfast on the grounds so we got to wonder around after hrs and get some great pictures in the early morning.  Leeds Castle is stunning and it could have been a cracking event.  Its a shame the Fair was so poorly organised though.  You just never know really with events.


Autumn Afternoon

Felt so lost without a proper camera....so took a little risk and got a DSLR with my Scentsy money this month. Boy it felt good to go on a photowalk today...did the spirits a world of good.


Broken cameras

My digital camera has broken and so I'm left only with my film cameras at the moment because its far too expensive to fix it and I'm broke.

Really wanting to take pictures more but finding it hard to do it considering how busy I've been with Scentsy.  It felt wonderful to take the pics I did above recently and I know that I need to make time for my art considering its whats really important to me.  How do you guys find time to balance everything you need to do in life when the work list always is far far longer than your play list?

Hope you are well.