Broken cameras

My digital camera has broken and so I'm left only with my film cameras at the moment because its far too expensive to fix it and I'm broke.

Really wanting to take pictures more but finding it hard to do it considering how busy I've been with Scentsy.  It felt wonderful to take the pics I did above recently and I know that I need to make time for my art considering its whats really important to me.  How do you guys find time to balance everything you need to do in life when the work list always is far far longer than your play list?

Hope you are well.


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Becky said...


Balancing time is a tough act, and one that takes patience to learn how to do well. I find myself most happy when I put God first, Family second, my work next, and personal hobbies last. In doing so, I've found there's always time within the day to accomplish it all. :)

Great pictures, I LOVE your style both in digital and film! There's something warm and cozy about the look of film. ♥

GREAT to hear how busy you are with Scentsy - that's awesome!

btw - I have a new blog URL ( www.bondofcharity.com, feel free to stop by anytime, I love hearing from you too!