Borough Market and Busy-ness

I had a meeting to go to on Saturday near Borough Market and actually took my camera out with me for once.  I even went to the Tate Modern for a little while and spent some time just wondering around looking at the changing leaves.   It felt fantastic.   I sometimes feel like in the busyness of life I forget what sustains me and that is my art.   I feel better when I have taken a photo, listened to some music, gone to an art gallery or a theatre trip.  The arts are who I am...although I may do Scentsy too....its what makes me feel giddy and like a school kid.   Scentsy hopefully will continue to fund these opportunities to be ME.

The weather is sure changing and there's a lovely cold crispness to the air and smell of campfire.  Its not my favourite time of year I have to admit, but I love the colours which isn't surprising because I'm such a visual person.   Every season seems to have such beauty to celebrate....the spring with its florals, the quiet solitude of winter and the rainbow of colours with fall.  It really makes the heart grateful. x


Kathryn said...

Such gorgeous pics.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

The Borough Markets was one of my favourite places in London.

Hope you are well.

SSG xxx

Diane said...

bless your hear Christine. I read your comment on SS today. I have been there and I want you to know that you can move ahead and forward from there. There is hope and there is a real breath of fresh air out there. I promise you that. Bless your heart and your strength.