Just got back from a MUCH NEEDED trip to Paris (first time we've been in TWO YEARS if you can believe---FIRST BREAK EVER in two years---too long).  Been to this city so much in the past 12 yrs I've lived in London but this trip was the first time I noticed the LIGHT for some reason.....the light hits the buildings...EVERYTHING in just this gorgeous amazing, spiritual way.   The white of the buildings in the afternoon sun just GLOWS and and if you stop to notice just for a minute it just makes your heart BEAM.  No wonder Renoir loved to paint this city because of the gorgeous LIGHT.  Spending so much time chasing all this light has filled my heart and done my mind, body and spirit the world of good.  Only 5 weeks left till I'm off to Barcelona, Cannes, Rome for a Mediterranean Cruise.  Looking forward to all of the photo ops.  Its been nice to travel so much this year already.  I've needed this. :)

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lovely pictures