My name is Christine.  I'm an American Expat from Seattle who moved clear across the world to London England  in 2001.  Its hard to explain why I moved except that I had just graduated from university with a degree in music education, had no ties and jumped on a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel and see the world.  The chap next to me is James, my best friend and long-time partner. We're not married and currently do not have children and there's no urgent plan for either.

Since being here I've managed to see a lot of the U.K., France (A LOT of Paris), Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy (Florence, Venice, Rome), Morocco (most of the country), Egypt (most of the country), Thailand (most of the country), Lichenstein and the Czech Republic.  Wish the list was longer but its more than most.

I'm not sure what to say when people ask me what I do cause frankly I've been trying to figure that out ever since I got to London.  I usually just say I'm in music...but currently 'in between projects'. I'm hoping to figure things out with my career (if you can call it that, lol) before I'm 40 (got 6 years left) but with people like Grandma Moses finding her gift for painting in her early 90's I think I still have room to be a tad patient. 

I started this blog originally calling it 'Livin it in London' a few years back to chronicle my life here in this weird and crazy city called London.  I then changed it to the current title because it reflected me much better...not only my overall 'world travels' but my daily 'travel' trying to figure out myself and my efforts in trying to find 'balance'. I would say though my blog is mostly a travel blog, with a lot of other tidbits of things that inspire me (mostly artsy stuff), etc. etc. thrown in on the side.

I like blogging to feel connected and hopefully am able to spread a bit of cheer in the process. If you found my blog by accident or on purpose...welcome.  Hope you find something here that brings you back again often. 

Blessings to You