weekend catch-up

ok, i know its wednesday but here's what i was up to this last weekend:

getting lost around st pauls

watching a bit of t.v. on the underground

enjoying the bluest skies in a long time.

a bit of shopping for shoes & finding vintage travel tags {above} by accident.

and doing week 7 for the 52Q art project.

I say bring on this weekend!


the politics of working in london

so, i've been at my internship for nearly a month now---its been a huge adjustment to say the least. two years of not working full time, not taking the tube {subway} and then thrust back into 38 hours of stress and high expectations each week. plus--to top it off the chronic pain i deal with has sky rocketed and my the other symptoms have just gone plain wacky. i have no doubt its because my stress levels have gone into overdrive and my body is screaming to slow down.

i'm doing everything possible to manage things--packing my bag with what would seem like a medical kit for a small country. loads of pain relief, other neccessary supplies {for extra difficult monthly rituals that last two very long weeks??????} and every day drowning myself in chamomile & green tea, morning meditation @ 5:30 a.m. and yoga and relaxation time in the evenings. i'm also trying to write in my diary and work in networking/socializing with various people at work in an effort to get my name out & at least try not to appear like i'm a complete social twat.

well besides all this---i'm really enjoying myself, well at least trying to. i really love the work i'm doing and even though its hard sometimes i feel like i'm nourishing 'the real me'---the creative me. every day i want to go in and i can't tell you the last time i wanted to go in each day to a job.

i know that i have a bit longer at this internship before i have to worry about trying to find work but part of me is quite nervous about when this time comes--which is to be expected considering my experiences. i love london and once you get a job its fantastic and looks amazing on the ole resume--but getting it can be a problem. not everywhere is like this, but i think there's a common theme that employers sometimes hire people not out of qualifications but for social reasons---whether you dress & look a certain way, are young and will fit into the office environment. its hard not to take it personally when you've applied for 150+ jobs with no luck. i guess its a real lesson in believing in yourself and remembering the saying about being in the right place at the right time eh? this and visualizing success + telling yourself you deserve every bit of it.

so onward and upward, i'm just going to take one day at a time--whatever happens happens and in the mean time i've still got an amazing experience i get to go to every day for another two months!



one of my favorite bloggers, emily falconbridge is doing a year long art project online, '52Q'. For each of the 52 weeks in the year, you do one page of art/journaling answering a question she asks on her blog (question on front, answer on back or whatever you'd like). you can use whatever medium you want to do the journaling on---i'm following emily cause i'm new to this art thing and doing it on paper tags. at the end of the year you bind them together (punching holes, etc, etc) and you have a very creative, artsy rememberance journal of your thoughts and feelings throughout the year.

i wanted to do it because i have felt so 'starved' for the longest time for creativity and this (and my internship--more to come on this later) are ways to nourish my real/true artsy/creative self.

anyway--i've been a bit lazy getting these on here, we're already on week 6 (not too late to join & there's a flickr group if you want inspiration). so--here's what i've done so far and please remember i'm a beginner!!

week 1:

week 2:

week 3:

week 4:

week 5:

week 6:


wellies everywhere

the weather has been just rubbish recently--snow, rain, sleet, ice, more snow. its made puddles everywhere and it seems that the 'wellies' have been out in full force because of it. 'wellies', aka wellington boots are big rubber boots and they are very very english. if they sound like something your gran would wear, never fear my friend--the brits have made them into a must have fashion accessory for any person, anywhere:

image from here.

image from here

images from here and here

image from here

image from here


new blogs

saw a post over at pioneer woman a while back about the 'bloggie' awards {yes there is such a thing}--well anyway browsing through a few nominated blogs these were my favorite. Yet more blogs to add to my never ending blog reading list:

smitten kitchen
design sponge
blog nosh
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chocolate and zucchini
iceland weather report
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grid skipper
camels and chocolate


organic face

recently switched my facial products after years of using 'aveda'. i decided to go 'organic' and ended up saving money in the end. my skin seems to be really loving the change too. i don't think i'll ever go back to non-organic face products again!

madara eco face deep moisture cream
spiezia floral skin toner


happy birthday james!!

hope you have a fantastic day.

thanks for being my best friend and partner in crime.




snow day

we were hit with nearly 6 inches of snow over night in london making it the most snow in nearly 18 years and another 4 inches is due tonight. the capital has been practically deserted as all trains, buses and nearly all unground trains have forced everyone to take a snow day from work & all commitments. funny enough people seem rather chipper cause of the weather-- out playing, smiling, saying hello to strangers. too bad we can't have snow days every day in london, eh?

although travel & even walking can be a nightmare, i find snow just beautiful. if you listen, everything is so 'still' during a snowfall as well. its a great reminder to stop and pay attention to the simple things.

nearly 6 inches


George and mildred swimming in the ice

Greenwich Park


thoughts, comments, ideas, etc?

i've been thinking about blogging for a while recently and most importantly 'this blog' and how to make it better. personally i just blog as a way to scrapbook things i like, the experiences i have and what may or not be happening in my life. i'm pretty rubbish at keeping a journal (trying to do better), but i consider this blog as kind of a creative outlet i'm so desperate to have.

well anyway my readers (all 2 of you), i would love some feedback on my blog. what do you enjoy reading about, hate, wish i'd write on, etc? do you have any secret questions you want to ask? not that i'm really worrying too much what others think, i'm just the type of person who wants to grow and get better in everything i do?

so----if you leave a comment anonymously below and let me know what you think it would be fantastic!

fairytale by tim walker

i recently heard about tim walker, a british photographer from january's issue of O magazine. after living here in london for so long, its easy for me to see the quintessential 'english-ness' added into his photos--the classic cars, the beautiful countryside and of course the glorious flowers. i love the fairy tale spread from vogue uk and also how he managed to pick icons in the british fashion world lily cole and erin o'connor too:

images by tim walker, vogue uk
found via here.