Feeling Rough

The last few days have been pretty rough to deal with. I had a laparoscopy on Monday and have not felt very peachy since to say the least. If any of you have ever had abdominal surgery you know what I'm talking about and how painful it can be. You have no concept on how much you use your abs until you can't use them anymore and the biggest accomplishment of the day is being able to pee semi-normally. The stomach area has so many organs including your diaphram and its crazy how a couple of little incisions and swelling can mess with these as well as your entire system. My stomach feels like a bruised balloon and looks like one too.

The worst part of this is that the surgery has provided absolutely no answers to health problems I've been having this past year. The doctors don't know what's wrong with me. I have been waiting for the longest time for this surgery and to be told this is emotionally difficult to say the least. I am back to square one and I feel like all this pain I'm going through is for nothing. I've been pretty down and discouraged the last few days and have been such a wreck in the emotions department. I am just thankful for James who has helped me do stupid things like tying my shoes or getting dressed and listening to me cry my eyes out. He must really love me to do this kind of stuff for me.

May be off to France for the weekend to get my mind off of things. James wants to take me there to help with my recovery and lift my spirits. I am a bit reluctant cause it takes me twice as long to move and I can't wear much besides really really loose sweats. I feel like a big bruise too and being out in public will only raise these feelings. I don't know though, I'll have to give it a thought cause it may do me some good. If I do go--I'll try to post pictures of course.

Anyway, my bed is beckoning me at the moment. Its amazing how little things like getting on the computer tire me out so much now.


Our Health Kick

James and I are totally into Crussh juice bars and have been for a while. We love their super smoothies with extra added boosters and we get their wheatgrass shots on the side. I reckon we end up spending close to £50/$100 a month just on our trips here. Its great to find a place where the smoothies are actually healthy and use real fruit and frozen yogurt not just fruit juice made from concentrate. Its a great way to get your 5 fruits/veg a day in. Just this week as we both weren't well, we went like three times and got their Echinacea and Spirulina boosters and we now feel right as rain. Wheatgrass shots are disgusting (tastes like grass!), but nothing beats it as one shot = 1 1/2 pounds of green leafy vegetables and its a great antioxidant. Anyway, I usually try not to 'plug' things on here but our trips here are very much part of our daily life!


Reality Check

Puts things into perspective doesn't it? Makes you wonder if you really do need that $250 new jacket or a Wii console? Its easy to forget how much of a responsibility in this life we have to help others and give back in some way. It is possible to make a difference and its not about the money in the end, its about spreading compassion & love which in my opinion is priceless.

P.S. Sara McLachlan really did donate the left-over money to all the places mentioned on the video, helping over 1 million women & children in the end. Kinda cool huh?


The Best Combo Deal

When you too are feeling a bit under the weather like I have been these last few days, might I suggest probably the best combo ever to ease your troubles away:





English Breakfasts

Contrary to popular belief, the English do have a few good culinary delights that after nearly 7 years of living here I am just starting to appreciate. However, one that I still have a very hard time with though, is the traditional English fry-up or English breakfast. It generally consists of a poached egg, tomato, baked beans, bacon, sausages and a bit of toast. You sometimes see mushrooms, black-pudding and a little hashbrowns with it but not usually. I personally just cannot stomach most of this, but the English tell me that nothing beats it. I guess you have to grow up w/it. I have adopted more of the continental/Med. approach to breakfasts here. Occasionally James and I go to an Organic Cafe in Greenwich and I'll have scrambled free-range eggs on toast, with a few sauteed mushrooms on the side, chorizo sausage and a bit of halloumi (greek cheese). Its to die for. All this talk of food is making me hungry!!

Truth about Two London Icons

I'm incredibly bored at the moment so I thought I'd put my opinion about these 'icons' of London. When I first came over to visit London, I was desperate to get pictures of myself with these two things as many tourists do when they visit the city. However, living here my opinion has greatly changed. After hours and hours of riding the double decker buses over the years, if I had my choice I wouldn't ride them. They are usually incredibly over-crowded and because they are so big every time you stop (usually only a couple of feet w/London traffic) you can really feel it. I always get motion sickness on these buses sadly, but still do ride them only for short distances as that's what you have to do in this city. The red phone booths, unfortunately are a haven for putting cards of scantily dressed women in them giving numbers in case you want a good time (if you know what I mean). Because of this and the weird smells coming from inside, I tend to avoid calling from the red booths. Don't get me wrong these two London icons are great photo-stops, but after living here for so long I guess I am slightly disallusioned about the glamour surrounding them. Anyway, if you ever visit you can always make up your own mind!!