Truth about Two London Icons

I'm incredibly bored at the moment so I thought I'd put my opinion about these 'icons' of London. When I first came over to visit London, I was desperate to get pictures of myself with these two things as many tourists do when they visit the city. However, living here my opinion has greatly changed. After hours and hours of riding the double decker buses over the years, if I had my choice I wouldn't ride them. They are usually incredibly over-crowded and because they are so big every time you stop (usually only a couple of feet w/London traffic) you can really feel it. I always get motion sickness on these buses sadly, but still do ride them only for short distances as that's what you have to do in this city. The red phone booths, unfortunately are a haven for putting cards of scantily dressed women in them giving numbers in case you want a good time (if you know what I mean). Because of this and the weird smells coming from inside, I tend to avoid calling from the red booths. Don't get me wrong these two London icons are great photo-stops, but after living here for so long I guess I am slightly disallusioned about the glamour surrounding them. Anyway, if you ever visit you can always make up your own mind!!

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Rebecca said...

Ha ha!!! Interesting how when you actually LIVE where tourists like to go, you get bored with the things they just can't wait to get a picture of! Ha ha!

(btw, thanks for stopping by my blog!)