English Breakfasts

Contrary to popular belief, the English do have a few good culinary delights that after nearly 7 years of living here I am just starting to appreciate. However, one that I still have a very hard time with though, is the traditional English fry-up or English breakfast. It generally consists of a poached egg, tomato, baked beans, bacon, sausages and a bit of toast. You sometimes see mushrooms, black-pudding and a little hashbrowns with it but not usually. I personally just cannot stomach most of this, but the English tell me that nothing beats it. I guess you have to grow up w/it. I have adopted more of the continental/Med. approach to breakfasts here. Occasionally James and I go to an Organic Cafe in Greenwich and I'll have scrambled free-range eggs on toast, with a few sauteed mushrooms on the side, chorizo sausage and a bit of halloumi (greek cheese). Its to die for. All this talk of food is making me hungry!!


Higuita said...

Very Interesting Blog.

Sassari, Sardegna

Elizabeth C said...

Yum!! That looks VERY delicious!!!

English food lover said...

A lot of English Breakfasts are horrible, but like with any food to appreciate like a burger, salad, fish or whatever you have to have the proper type - especially black pudding, made fresh and locally from real pigs blood, it is soooooooooo nice!