market + movies

the weather has been glorious the last few days. perfect for getting rid of unemployment blues. so being as exciting people as we are---we walked up to blackheath farmers market to do some (are you ready for this)------'food shopping'. i secretly love it though.

i love how the market changes with the seasons.

how you can find the most beautiful looking vegetables you've ever seen.

how you can pile up on stuff like this, without worrying if you'll gain 50 lbs:

how fresh herbs are available at my doorstep and how we just can't resist buying some to add to our potted indoor garden.

i also like how close blackheath market is to greenwich park. how we can see awesome trees nearly as old as america, with birds watching us watching them. (double click to see better)

i love how we can get icecream on hot days like today and mosy along soaking up the scenery--all of this only 20 minutes away from our house.

i also love how from a distance, you always usually see unexpected things going on at the naval college:

like this weird green screen which turned out to be a movie set for 'gulliver's travel's out in 2010 with jack black and amanda peet. weird cause just last week they were filming re-shoots of the wolfman with benicio del toro and anothony hopkins. this looks like some sort of 'royal courtyard' don't you think?

i wonder what far-off land they'll digitally make this into? maybe with kings and queens or or beautiful maidens?

with props like this it makes me want to tag along.

i know---maybe we can stow away on their ship. heck we're unemployed---we'll work for food eh?

sadly, i don't think jack black's contract has room to add us as 'exotic stow-aways' though.

maybe next time i guess. one can day-dream.


flickr friday

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started day 1 of unemployment again. finished my internship but funny enough finding catching up on sleep, yoga and oprah oddly nice. it may get old very quickly but in the meantime, bring on the chance to stay in my p.j.'s till noon.


psychic readings

today the sun was glorious and we decided to go to mudchute farm for a bit of a picnic and then stopping off at greenwich before heading home. we wandered through an absolutely packed market and for some reason felt drawn to have a 'reading' at a stall---i think she calls herself a 'palmist' but after the reading i think she really could call herself a psychic as well.

i went in with pretty low expectations but i thought it might be a bit of fun as i've never had an extensive 'reading' done. i've only really had my palm read in egypt once on a boat floating down the nile but it was a pretty generic one that could have been given to any old tom, dick or jane. i feel like you have to be careful sometimes of palm/tarot card readers as they really don't know what they are doing and try to fit a reading based off of body language, carefully asked questions, etc. some think its voodoo, which i disagree but i believe its luck of the draw whether you get a really good/legitimate reader. anyway, i think my slight skeptism made me very very quiet with her, only answering yes or no as needed.

there were 3 sections to the reading: tarot, astrological and palm reading. i was first asked to shuffle cards and then pick 3 random cards thinking about what my heart desired. after this she then looked at my star chart telling me things about my life based on the planets alignment, etc at the time of my birth. finally she read my palm again telling me things based on the lines in my hand.

well, i was NOT prepared for how dead on she would be--i would say she was 98-99% correct. she knew that i had lost my job and how, that i was at a crossroads, feeling confused, that i used to be a teacher, that i had a difficult childhood, that i love nature, that i'm a creative person, that i've been in knots recently, that i've contemplated moving, even that i've dabbled in the idea of writing a book (and other dead-on things). she knew that james and i were very independent people and that i've really struggled in my life as well. albeit i'm not sure how accurate she'll be about what she said with what's in store for me in the future, it was still incredibly interesting and freaky. please remember we did NOT tell her any of this info beforehand and only briefly spoke 'yes or no' when questioned.

i guess i found comforting in a weird way, almost like the universe understood what was going on in my life and was watching out for me. like my destiny's been written in the stars and someone very in-tune with things i don't understand was just giving me a message. several moments during the short 15 minute reading i was holding back tears cause it felt so cool that some random stranger knew so much about little old me. in an unusual way it made me feel not so lonely and connected to something a lot more grand.

i don't know if i'd ever recommend readings to anyone as you really need to be open to the idea. but i'm really glad that i did it particularly with the way i've been feeling. i've only got 4 days left of my internship and i've been quite torn inside on where my life is going. i guess its a very exciting time as so much potential and possibility is open to me. change is a good thing and life can only get better and more beautiful as it goes on.


feeling conflicted

i've been talking to a lot of people the last few days about 'things' and reasons things have happened the way they have and its left me feeling rather conflicted on the inside.

i tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. you automatically know what i'm feeling whether it be good or bad. i could not say a single thing and you'd know that on the inside i was feeling like a confused 5 year old wanting to know why people won't play with me on the playground. on a positive note this characteristic is good in that i'm as genuine as you can get---i don't put on a show for anyone. i think honesty is refreshing especially in this day in age. half the time i have a hard time trusting what people say now in any setting because i don't know if its 'the truth' or what they want me to hear.

the bad is that people dont' know how to react to me. they tend to be drawn into my world very quickly and it can be overwhelming. not that i'm way out there but people have their own 'life drama' and when they meet others they don't want to carry others along with them. in a way i wish we could all be open because maybe life wouldn't be so hard if occasionally we helped carry each other?

however---i'm learning that i'm going to have to pull back myself a bit---not share my world so much, keep some things private. particularly living in England where they keep feelings to themselves---i just don't think my american 'open-ness' will always be welcomed with the open arms i wish. not that its necessarily bad, but just that not everyone is ready for it. its amazing how people can read into your actions unintentionally too--thinking you said things you didn't, thinking you are coming across negative or just plain taking it wrong when your intention was far from this end result.

i guess, what im conflicted about is finding a balance with this--online, in person, etc, etc. i don't want to be fake when i interract with others but i don't what to be so open/genuine that i make others freak out and in someway feel uncomfortable. i want a 'middle ground' where i'm still true to myself but i make everyone i meet feel on top of the world.

of course i've been thinking too much about everything and potential solutions for this like i always do. i really am desperate to improve and to grow. anyway one solution is--james and i have briefly mentioned the thought about acting/voice/public speaking lessons. we thought it may help hide the fact that we feel like a big blob of goo on the inside when crucial moments matter. charisma is everything and being able to 'act' like you're confident and relaxed when in reality you're not as well as making people feel like they are the only one in the room are skills we are really wanting to improve.

well, we've already started practicing on check-out girls, book store attendants, smiling at strangers on the street, police officers, people phoning us selling phone plans, homeless guys and of course each other. practice makes perfect and who better than the little people we meet each day.

any thoughts on this my dear blog readers??

Christine xoxo


happy friday

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these flickr photos spoke to me today after an incredibly difficult week for james and i. Click on the links to view them even better in their beautiful glory.


deptford and the southbank

wasn't feeling well yesterday so had to postpone a planned trip to a live butterfly exhibit at the national history museum. after errands in deptford we made it as far as the south bank in central london before i came home for a well deserved two hour nap (did i mention i was kind of exhausted??).

here's pictures of our day:


james and i are in mourning today. we found out yesterday that our beloved pet duck 'george' who lived next door in the park for the last several years with his best duck-friend 'mildred' was TAKEN/STOLEN. now the horrible thing is that the pond that george and mildred lived was fenced off so whoever took george climbed over the fence to do it. james and i are upset to think why anyone could do something so cruel and i hate to think what they may have done with poor george. mildred seems so lost without him, but seems to be taking comfort with her other duck friends who fly in from time to time to visit.

i know george was just a duck and who cares right?-- but i think we are a relection of how we treat others (including animals) especially those who are vulnerable. it would have been one thing if george had been killed by a fox or died of sickness, but he wasn't---he was TAKEN from his home which to me is cruel and unnatural.

we constantly found such joy in visiting these two resident ducks each week. when things seemed overwhelming in our own lives we would pop over to say hello to our little friends. things didn't seem so bad after spending even just a few minutes with them. they say you can learn a lot from nature/animals--well george and mildred have taught us about letting things go, not judging and enjoying the moment. if you ever watch ducks or other animals you'll notice they don't fret tomorrow, they just get on with what they need to do today.

both george and mildred knew us well. i think they grew to recognize us after our frequent visits over the years. towards the end, george would let james gently pet him which for a wild duck is amazing. they consistently would quack when we came over and waddle over to say hello. albeit we always had some bread to give them, they came running whenever we arrived even still.

some people have goldfish, little dogs to match their purses or cats with weird names but we had ducks. we have such a hole in hearts for the loss of george. of course we will let you know how mildred is coping with her loss but in the mean time we will say a prayer of gratitude for this little thing that was such a joy in our life:

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