To the city and back

This weekend I saw purple carrots at borough market

rode the train and stared at the back of peoples heads

looked out the window

rode the 'tube'

passed by a 'Random House' on the way to the Tate Britain

Saw the amount of people trying to get home on the Tube and said, "Right we're walking to the train station"

Slept in,
watched very bad episodes of Wife Swap USA
and went for a lazy Sunday stroll through the park.

.....Next weekend, James' birthday festivities.


Mourning Mildred

I'm afraid Mildred, our beloved pet duck has had the same fate as her partner George. I don't know what to say...I think it makes me angry that there's people out there so far disconnected from the bigger picture in life to do something like this. Mildred did nothing but 'just be' and bring a smile to not only James and I but local children who would come with their parents to feed Mildred and her duck friends. Since this has happened the wildlife avoid this pond like the plague because of the bad energy that's there now. It makes me sad that this has happened not just once but twice. Whoever did this though....can you say bad karma? The universe has a great way of repaying lack of kindness to anything and anyone. They will have their day and it wont be pretty. I am just glad that Mildred and George can finally swim together again in the big clear blue pond in the sky.

George and Mildred

July 08- Jan 10


52Q update

My plan to do this once a week failed miserably last year. It turned into yet another thing to worry about. I've got about 17 1/2 tags left though so not a complete failure. I'm determined to finish this project this year. I may do two tags a week, only one or skip a week or two..just no pressure. But I'll post when I get a few finished so you can see where I'm at. Here's what you missed since I last posted:

1. wk16, 2. WK17, 3. WK 18, 4. WK19, 5. WK20, 6. WK21, 7. WK22, 8. WK23, 9. WK24, 10. WK25, 11. Wk 26, 12. WK 27, 13. Wk 28, 14. WK 29, 15. WK 30, 16. WK 31, 17. WK 34, 18. WK 35, 19. WK 37, 20. Wk 39


All Grown Up

Watched the Goonies over the weekend (which NEVER gets old) and funny enough found this picture today of the cast who HAVE gotten older. I saw this in the cinema when I was about 10 yrs old and its a very fond memory:

before (I know the poster doesn't do them justice)

picture from here


double click to see better.
pictures from here

l to r: data (ke huy quan), brandon (josh brolin), steven spielberg (producer), mikey (sean astin), steph (martha plimpton), mouth (corey feldman), richard donner (director), chunk (jeff cohen) and andy (kerri green)

I also saw on Twitter (this weekend), Soleil Moon Frye posted a shot of her (in costume) as her former character Punky Brewster (another childhood favorite). Check this out:


afterpictures from here and here

Weird to see these people who played such fond characters all grown up. I think we secretly hope that they'll stay as we remember them. I guess that's what DVD's are for--an excape from reality and a chance to stay forever young.

Monday Morning Chaos

Boy yesterday was full of Chaos. We woke up to a lot of water coming out of our ceiling in our kitchen. This picture doesn't do it justice. If you look at the ceiling and where it looks like there's bubbles..well that's streaming water. It went all through our kitchen and into our living room. Buckets and towels everywhere but it still couldn't keep the water from coming constantly for nearly 8/9 hours. Our ceiling in our living room and kitchen looks like someone took a huge 'wee' on our ceiling, we have a lot of cleaning up to do and we will have to replace cabinets eventually but it could have been A LOT worse. I think after a good clean our kitchen will be at least still usable until we can afford to re-do the kitchen. At least a portion of repair work will be covered by insurance too which is a bonus.

However, I think what made it worse than it should be was by the end of the day James and I hadn't racked up happy points for how we treated each other. It makes me sad because during chaos you need happy thoughts the most and it seems we go the opposite direction during stress.

I've been thinking a lot about yesterday and the lessons learned. You could easily say yesterday was a metaphor for the chaos my life is currently. I know that chaos never goes away and only changes scenery, but I at least want to handle things calmly in the eye of a storm for future. I do very well considering but I still can and want to do better.


Wandering Mind

picture from HERE

My mind has been elsewhere recently:

Rose Windows

Anthropologie and Amélie

Hope yet for success

How many times have you secretly wanted to burst into song?

My Flickr Favorites


Out my Window

Have been hibernating since the beginning of the year. With being sick, being hit with nasty weather and exhausted, besides trips to do errands I have been nestled snug in our flat doing odds and ends. These pictures are taken from my window the last few weeks. I'm afraid we don't have thee most picturesque of views from our windows, but its home:


Trains and Construction


Haiti Earthquake

notre dame

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Haiti at the moment. I often wonder sometimes why things of this magnitude happen to cause so much needless suffering. I don't really know if there is a justified answer: Science/just living in a bad locale, God, etc? I do wonder what God is thinking in times like this though. This is a huge trial for Haiti, but I bet this experience is for us too, to see how we respond and if we help or if we just carry on without giving others a second thought.

I was thinking about sponsoring a giveaway here to raise money for Haiti but its time consuming and they need help NOW. I honestly think the best and quickest way to help is to donate what you can afford direct to the aid agencies.

So, I've got two links here that I got off of Twitter if you want to help. If you scroll down you'll see lists of aid agencies and links that you can donate to. Even really TEENY amounts help and I promise those pennies will never be missed.

Here they are:

Haiti Earthquake Relief
CNN-impact your world


Ok...I'm sick

Usually just get achy, a little sniffle here and there and it goes away after a couple of days but I've managed to get properly sick somehow. First time in like 3 years I've been out like a light for over a week, barely want to do much but sleep and feeling like a train hit me. I guess it takes me going to France to pick up a bug before I'll get anything. Anyway, my progress is slow with normal living right now. I'm hoping I'll be back to posting things later this week. In the mean time lots of lemon/honey, soups, sleep, herbs and vicks rub for me.

Picture from Here.



Doodle Quotes

Notebook Doodles/Pictures from here. Heads up from Here.


My Prayer for the New Year

Notre Dame- Prayer candles

Dear God

I pray that you help me find clarity this year.

Help me have the courage to make the decisions best for me

to learn how to unconditionally love others

and to not take life so damn seriously.

Help me to figure out my gifts, how to share them with others

and to be able to finally make my own money.

Help me accept what I cannot change

the courage to embrace the present moment

and to not worry so much about the future.

I pray that I'll always have a grateful heart

and look at life as abundant and blessed.

Please help me to be patient with myself and others. My timeline may not be your timeline.

Help me to get healthy: mind, body and spirit.

Thank you for what you taught me last year and the many blessings.

Help me remember to give to others always.




Paris : 20 memories

Taking inspiration from Tara Whitney + Stephanie Nielson here are 20 memories from the last few days (30 Dec - 3 Jan) in Paris:

20. Seeing the big smiles that came to the faces of James and I when we arrived in Paris at the Gare du Nord.

19. Miniature jars of jams on the Eurostar and at the hotel.

18. Ice-skaters at the Hotel de Ville.

17. Eating too much french food and wandering the streets to come back to a roaring fireplace and jazz at the hotel.

16. Wandering into the Palais Garnier/Opera House for the first time only to find one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen.

15. Having ham sandwiches, dark chocolate, smoothies + Champagne for New Years Eve dinner in our hotel room whilst watching Scooby Doo 2 dubbed in French.

14. Getting up close and personal with about 5,000 other french people in the very teeny Trocadero Metro station on the way to watch New Years festivities.

13. Taking over two hours to get home maneuvering through thee most crazy street party Paris was round midnight.

12. Jardin du Luxembourg early morning--black and white pictures.

11. It snowed.

10. Notre Dame Cathedral- Meditating and lighting a candle in prayer for the new year.

9. Christmas Lights on the Champs Elysee

8. Eating Pizza slices from Paul's for dinner in the freezing cold sitting on a bench on the Champs Elysee.

7. The light on the Louvre, morning and night.

6. Kick ass lunches at Angelina. Finding out it used to be a favorite place for Chanel to think + relax.

5. Crowd surfing to see a little lady who goes by the name 'Mona Lisa'.

4. The Christmas tree at Galerie Lafayette

3. Dark chocolate, afternoon naps and catching up on my book in a quiet hotel room.

2. Even after nearly 9 years of going to this city and 1/2 dozen trips to the Louvre....we still found rooms we'd never seen before.

1. An incredible last night meal at Le Comptoir, wandering the streets of St Germain des Pres. Sad about leaving but smiling from ear to ear with memories, gratitude and eternal love for such an incredible city.