From Russia

Went to a really great exhibition today at the Royal Academy of Art which featured paintings from 1870-1925 of French & Russian masters. The collection brought together for this exhibit was from the main art galleries in Moscow & St Petersburg and is the first time these paintings were brought together. It was actually a wide arrange of styles featured including Impressionism, Cubo-Futurism and Abstract and many many different artists including Gauguin, Cezanne, Pisarro, Monet, Kadinsky, Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh and Malevich. I absolutely enjoyed seeing so much and can honestly say it was one of the best exhibits in London we had seen in a while. Here are a few of my favorite from the exhibit:

Kadinsky: Composition VII
Read that his use of musical symbols and the title suggest the analogy/relationship between music and colors. Studying music personally this suggestion doesn't surprise me as tones have often been compared with color.

Renoir: In the Garden
Renoir, what can I say---oh how I love thee!

Don't Remember the artist but I liked the dark colors, particularly the red

Matisse: The Dance
Loved this one and its actually a HUGE painting that takes up most of a wall.

Vrubel: Six-Winged Seraph
The internet doesn't do this painting justice. It's full of deep purples and looks like a mosaic in real life---VERY COOL

Matisse: Red Room
Have been to a Matisse exhibition before and love his use of patterns & textiles in his paintings. This painting is huge and again loved the colors.


Michelle said...

oh....LOVE renoir!! always have, always will!! and i love the matisse! how beautiful! i would love for that to hang in my house.

Elizabeth C said...

What amazing paintings!! You live such a cultured life. How exciting.

sherrie said...

i really like the colors in the first one. these are all wonderful of course. very cool that you are able to see them.