Resolutions in the New Year

Gosh, where did last year go? It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies sometimes. I think its always wonderful the first day of a New Year to look back and reflect where you've been and where you want to go in life. The biggest thing for me is I can't believe I'm 31 now and I've been in London for as long as I have. Who would have ever thought this is where I would have ended up? I remember when I first came over here and how scared I was. Tooting my own horn for a moment--wow have I changed since then. I was so young and stupid back then and now I am really starting to figure some things out. Life is the sum of our experiences and without being here in London I know for a fact I wouldn't be the person I am now. Isn't it amazing how everything is for a reason? Thinking back on last year some of the experiences I am most grateful for are:

1) Having a job for nearly a full year and James having a job for the entire year.
2) Thailand & Paris--in particular bamboo rafting in the middle of the jungle, sharing a moment w/the Hill Tribe people even though they didn't understand a word of English, sitting in a Cafe this last May on the Left Bank in Paris eating a grilled salmon & cheese sandwich w/James.
3) Going down three dress sizes.
4) Discovering Yoga
5) My theatre, concert & art trips this year.
6) James finally figuring out what was wrong w/his health.
7) Strengthening my relationship w/my brother and sister.
8) Re-Discovering Books and old movies
9) Sunday Walks w/James up through Blackheath Common down to Greenwich Park
10) "Kitty"-the neighborhood stray cat

Thinking towards the future here are some of my goals for the new year (in no significant order):

1) Finally get to where I am considered to have a "healthy" weight.
2) Fix my career and/or lack of
3) Laugh lots and lots and lots more
4) Travel--go back to some of the places that didn't quite finish like Rome, Amsterdam, Nice and tuscany.
5) Work on Relationships---make more of an effort to make friends & keep them, cherish James lots more, work on relationships w/my family.
6) Help others more--volunteer, maybe do a long haul trip to Africa, help my community, smile at strangers.
7) Learn to Forgive
8) Figure out me (patience, sense of spirtuality, etc)
9) See number three
10) Not wasting energy or time on stupid things or things that don't matter.


mollie said...

You are such an insightful person, Christine. Good luck on meeting your fabulous goals! You can do it!

LucindaF said...

Looks like a great list. I'm glad London has been so great for you. Sometimes it takes a "getting away" to find who we really want to be. Congratulations on your successes, they all sound wonderful. Hope this New Year brings you the best. Cheers!

Michelle said...

i like how you've listed things you've accomplished as well! i think all too often we focus on what we HAVEN'T accomplished yet, so it's nice that you're showing a balance! happy new year!

Angela said...

Wow Christine! I am so impressed with you. Also, how awesome that you went down 3 dress sizes! That is INCREDIBLE!!! WOW!! That must've taken some hard work. Shoot, I can't even make it 1! You go girl!