The Best Place to Live

I live in South East London about a 15 minute walk to Blackheath Village and about a 30 minute walk to Greenwich. Blackheath is a huge flat stretch of grass--people fly kites, play football (soccer) and every year this is where they have fireworks for Guy Faulkes night. The village next to it is just really really cute and it has loads of Cafe's, bakeries and little shops---very very English and just darn fun. Greenwich is one of the best tourist things about London--it has Greenwich market, the Cutty Sark, the Queen's House, National maritime museum and the Royal Observatory where O degrees longitude is (yes there is a line!). The Observatory is in Greenwich park which is absolutely wonderful. There's loads of trees, gardens, a deer park and open spaces and I love how people bring their families for Sunday walks and picnics. Sunday walks through Blackheath and down into Greenwich park and then on to Greenwich Village is one of my absolute favorite things to do. London is such a busy hectic city and taking time out just to get fresh air and being outside really just makes such a difference (plus it's free and there's not much that's free in London). The English do the whole park thing really well I admit. It's honestly the best place to live in my opinion and I feel really truly blessed. Here are pictures from my Sunday walk today with James:

Pictures of Blackheath: Top--the Ranger's House (art gallery), Bottom--Blackheath Church next to the Village.

Greenwich Park--Love this tree very bushy. In the summer bands will play in the gazebo as well.

Royal Observatory (Greenwich Park)--this is where the line is for O degrees longitude and where the phrase "Greenwich mean Time" began. All time in the world (time differences/etc) is based off of Greenwich mean Time apparently.

Views of London from the Observatory: You can see nearly everything in London from up here--the eye, London Bridge, the Gherkin, Canary Wharf and the Dome. The picture in the middle with the white houses is the Royal Naval College with the Queen's House, the River behind is the Thames and the big buildings in the distance is Canary Wharf (the business district). The white building with spiky orange things coming out of it in the bottom picture is the Millenium Dome (I think they filmed some scenes for one of the James Bond movies here)


Michelle said...

BEAUTIFUL! i can't wait to get back there...someday. leave the light on for me!

sherrie said...

i love london and i've never been there! it's so green and lush, i bet it's nice to just walk around and enjoy the beauty of the country. thanks for sharing the pics, it's fun to see where you live.