what's in your belly?

my friend rebecca did this great post/tag entitled 'what's in your belly'. it reminded me of when i used to be a check out girl in the grocery section of fred meyer {such fond memories--ha ha}, i always thought it was interesting seeing what people bought for food. what you eat gives such a huge huge insight into your life! so i thought it would be fun to play along with this & post pics of the food sources currently in our flat.

so here are the rules if you want to play too:

  1. link back to the person who tagged you {their name linked to their blog}
  2. post as many pictures as it takes to reveal all the sources of food in your house. also, just for fun post a picture of what your refrigerator looks like
  3. tag as many people as you want.

so..................i tag:



Rebecca said...

Oh, HOW FUN! :) I love these pictures, and your cabinet and fridge look YUMMY! I'd have fun eating at your place ;)

sherrie said...

this post makes me hungry :) i'll have to do it when i get the time...

Anonymous said...

oh I find it intriguing looking in people's fridges, think I'd have to tidy mine up a bit before I photogrpahed it though!