singing in the rain

this weekend we went to our long awaited diana krall concert up in north london {kenwood house, hampstead--beautiful}. you would think that being august & all we would be guaranteed at least some semi-decent weather. staying true to british style-- it rained for nearly half of it and it wasn't just a little bit it was like a freakin' torrential downpour. the last time i was that soaking wet was in thailand bamboo rafting in the middle of the jungle. i'm surprised it wasn't cancelled and diana krall kept asking if we were all ok--which i thought was nice of her considering we were freezing our behinds off.

besides the weather it was an amazing concert. diana krall was more than great & i managed to get a signed cd as well out of it. i've loved her music for ages & it was fantastic to finally hear her live. to lighten the mood she sang a few rain songs & even elvis costello {her husband} made a surprise on stage appearance. although we only managed to have a tiny bit of our 'picnic' during the rain breaks it made for great leftovers the next day.

so----i'm glad we went even if the weather was the way it was. all the mud, rain & freezing cold make for a much better story & memories! can't wait till next year!


Lori Ann said...

Even with the rain it sounds like fun. Everything looks so green, I guess rain will do that. I'm so used to the yellow, dry Idaho scenery. Isn't is great when something you've been waiting for comes along.

christine said...

ya, that's the plus side to all this drizzle I guess---very beautiful landscapes.

Jess said...

The Kenwood House looks so grand and seems like an amazing place for a concert...minus the rain. Diana Krall would be fun to see live too.a