Duck Love

meet our neighbors 'george & mildred'. they are two 'resident' ducks that are always lounging around brookmill park {5 min walk from our flat}. you can always guarantee that when you see one, the other will be not far behind--they are literally inseparable {talk about true 'duck' love}. they don't do much besides sit there next to the lake, soaking up the rays & gorging on free fish right there & food from the locals {what a life eh?}. they do seem to be getting on in years as george's beak has faded & his feathers are everywhere & mildred just sleeps all the time. but we love them anyway & we always make a special attempt to stop by & see our fair feathered 'retired friends' when we go running or walking. I would love to live out my last few years like they do, wouldn't you? Just check out their set-up:

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Rebecca said...


Wouldn't that be so cute if you visited them one day and she had babies?

I would love that. :)

Michelle S said...

christine, you are hilarious. i love how you told the story of the ducks. yes, it would be lovely to live out life that way!

Lori Ann said...

I love the way you mapped out their "home". Just think of all the people that probably walk by there every day and don't notice the ducks. I'm glad you are a notice the ducks kind of girl, I'm sure you have more fun because of it!